Open letter to Heather Gallagher aka CameraGirlSF, Urban Priestess of Burning Man

These are the messages I sent you in July-November 2016. I know you "don't have time and are not interested". You could still read them - simply because I am asking you. It will only take a few minutes, so please read on.

Having read the above I hope you agree that I did not do anything disrespectful or dishonourable, and maybe, just maybe, you realise how wrong you and your counsel were. If only you had read my messages instead of simply ignoring me, you probably would also have realised this at the time.

All that does not really matter now. Except... Whether we like it or not, you will always remember me and I will always remember you. The question now is how we will remember each other. You may not care much about what memories you have of me, and I don't give a toss about what people, including you, think of me. However, I do care about how I remember you.

This is not how I want to remember you.

24 November 2016