E38 front indicator light

I am not an expert, so take all information and instructions on this page with a pinch of salt. It is quite possible that they will harm you, your wallet, your car, or all three. If in any doubt at all, take your car to the professionals. You have been warned.

I thought it was rather fiddly to get to the light bulb in the front indicator, so someone else might find these pictures helpful (click on the images to load a high resolution version):

First pull up the small plastic plug (P).


Insert a Philips screwdriver in the hole and engage its tip with the screw that is sitting in the middle of a small plastic basket (B). At this point of course you cannot yet see the screw or the basket... Loosen the screw by about ~10 turns.

Pull lamp body forward. The rubber gasket around the edge can stick quite hard to the body panel.

Once the lamp body is free, press on the serrated wings and pull the bulb holder out.

When reassembling, make sure that the catch of the bulb holder is properly engaged.
Also do not forget to replace the small plastic plug.

If you find any mistakes or want to suggest additional info that I should include, please e-mail me.